1Rebel Launches Rebel Labs: A New Personal Training Space

London’s number one
boutique fitness brand, 1Rebel, today launches its first ever personal training
Labs studio in the popular Holborn space.

The brand-new training studio will let over 60 world-class
1Rebel instructors interact personally with Rebels one-on-one, offering a truly
personalised fitness experience – a first in London’s boutique gym scene. Rebel
trainers will offer completely bespoke training plans and sessions, catering
for all fitness needs, from perfecting technique and form, recovering from
injury, or achieving personal bests.

From a 6M Climbing
Rope, an Air Bike and 24KG Kettlebells, to Soft Plyometric Boxes, Squat Racks
and a Ski Erg, the newly designed studio is kitted out with an extensive range
of both strength and cardio equipment, offering an elite training experience
for all Rebels. The Labs Studio space has room for six Rebel trainers and their
clients to train at any one time and is part of the latest innovation from the
fitness brand to hero its dedicated instructors who are passionate about
helping others to achieve their goals. The studio also supports the Rebel
trainers with their own personal career progression which was hindered during
the pandemic. 

James Balfour, Co-founder, 1Rebel comments: “We are lucky to
work with some of the best trainers and exercise-professionals in the country
and wanted a way to support them further in their careers, while continuing to
offer our committed Rebel family the very best service we can. The new personal
training Labs studio in Holborn is a new brand move for 1Rebel, allowing us to
offer a more personalised fitness experience whilst also helping Londoners
smash their goals and excel in their fitness journeys.”

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